• 01 Yucatan
    • White hairless line suitable for transdermal drug research
    • Used in congenital ventricular septal formation (VSD) Model
    • SLA (Swine Leukocyte Antigen) type analysis corresponding to human MHC
      (Major Histocompatibility Complex) has been completed.
  • 02 Sinclair
    • Easily distinguishable by hair color
    • Various animal experiments available: Study of cardiovascular system,
      musculoskeletal system, urogenital system, tumor, immunological model
      reproductive disorder, malformation, skin disease, digestive system, respiratory
      system, nutrition, digestion, etc.
    • A model for studying tumors through spontaneous malignant melanoma expression
  • 03 Hanford
    • White hairlessness suitable for skin-related research
    • An important model for surgical research
    • As it is very close in size to the human heart, it can be used as an important
      vmodel for cardiovascular research.

The Excellence of Medipig

Securing excellent facilities and infrastructure
  • Air conditioning system using HEPA filters
  • Prevention of inflow of pollutants through All in/All out system
  • Sterile water supply through triple-filter filtration and UV sterilization
  • Prevention of cross-contamination through zone separation of production, development, and CRO facilities
Securing excellent facilities and infrastructure
  • Breeding facilities that combine U.S. SRC's advanced disease model and animal development experience
  • Maintaining three types of genetically fixed mini-pigs (only in Korea)
  • Supply of raw material animals with minimal immune rejection
  • Establishment of SLA (Swine Leukocyte Antigen) typing technology
The industry's best hygiene management system
  • Free of over 40 viruses/bacteria
  • Satisfying hygiene requirements for developing pigs for artificial organs
  • Supplying sterile feed through irradiation (self-production of sterile feed)
  • Securing the inspection system through the best disease analysis institute in Korea

Breeding Facility

DPF(Designated Pathogen Free) facility

Breeding Facility

CRO Animal Model

  • Development of an animal model for
    PCV2 erdaication 
  • Development of an animal model for
  • Development of a chemoport transplantation model using SPF miniature pigs 

Animals Feed

Miniature Pig Diet
Rodent Diet