Animal Diagnosis


Asia's largest

institution specializing
in diagnosing animal diseases

  • Professional experts such as veterinarians with many years of experience
  • State-of-the-art analysis equipment such as gradient PCR, real-time PCR, freezing microtome, and tissue processing
  • Efficient customer management through 70,000 cases of accumulated diagnostic data
  • Minister of Agriculture, Food, And Rural Affairs Award (3 Consecutive Years)
  • Treat 200,000 samples per year, designated by the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency as animal disease diagnosis agency
  • Varous tests were condected in 126 aspects
Annual number of requests for disease evaluation by the Optipharm Evaluation Center

  • Securing disease diagnosis data
  • Distribution of major trading farms nationwide
  • Animal testing and efficacy verification

Designation Letter

  • Certificate of registration of
    establishment of veterinary hospital
  • Designated by the Ministry of Environment as a wild animal disease diagnosis institute
  • Designated as a livestock disease evaluation institute
  • Permission (approval) for veterinary medical device manufacturing
  • Permission (approval) for manufacturing items such as veterinary drugs
  • ISO 9001 Certificate