We provide individual examination results to guarantee our animals are specific-pathogen-free (SPF)
  • We are the only company that holds a provision and breeding contract with Sinclair Research
  • We are the only company in Korea that is in possession of three genetically fixed miniature pigs

    - Yucatan, Sinclair, Hanford

Optipharm’s miniature pig sector is in joint venture with the Sinclair Research Center(SRC) in the US, the largest miniature pig producer in the world. We are applying our modern disease animal model development experience to further develop the business.
In addition, Optipharm is the only company in Korea that has three genetically fixed miniature pigs available –the Yucatan, Sinclair, and Hanford- and all the miniature pigs from our company are in global use.
1) Yucatan
  • White, hairless lineage for dermal studies
  • Suitable research model for Ventricle Septal Defect research
  • Analyzed for the Swine Leukocyte Antigen (SLA)
2) Sinclair
  • A variety of hair coat colors available, including white
  • Suitable research model for areas including the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, urogenital system, tumor, immunological models, reproduction disability, deformity, skin diseases, digestive system, respiratory system, nutrition, and digestive system, and more one lineage develops a malignant spontaneously regressing melanoma
3) Hanford
  • White hair suitable for dermal toxicology research
  • Good model for surgical studies
  • Most useful for cardiovascular studies as the heart size is similar to the human heart

Biological Characteristics

Division General Pig Yucatan, Hanford, Sinclair
Temperature (℃) 39.2±0.5 ℃ 39.2±0.5 ℃
Feed Consumption (kg/day) 3.6~4.1 Kg 1.0~1.5 Kg
Weight at Birth (kg, g) 1~2Kg 600~900 g
Weight at Sexual Maturation (kg) 90~110 Kg 20~30 Kg
Weight at 2 Years (kg) 200~300 Kg 70~80 Kg
Lifespan (years) 15~25 years 10~15 years
Estrous Cycle (days) 21 days 21 days
Pregnancy Period (days) 114 days 114 days
Mean Litter Size 10~12 pigs 5~8 pigs

Genetic Background

Yucatan Sinclair Hanford
VLP vaccine
Animal Dx