Animal Diagnosis

The Optipharm Evaluation Center is the largest institute for disease diagnosis for animals in Asia.

The Optipharm Evaluation Center approaches animal disease encompassing various areas including as pathologic exams, serological exams, genetic exams, microbiological exams, toxicity exams, antiviral and antibiotic evaluations and more for more comprehensive and accurate diagnoses. We share our various findings with universities and other research institutes, animal research companies, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary hospitals, and others to continuously develop and apply new methods of diagnoses.

disease diagnosis institute by the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency of Korea in November of 2006,and our experts are dealing over 200,000 cases yearly. Furthermore, we were registered as a research institute of biosafety level 2 and are conducting various research on the diseases of animals from experimental rodents to large animals.

Optipharm Evaluation Center promises to provide the highest standard of optimized animal disease diagnosis with accuracy, professionalism, and speed to be a leading in disease diagnosis institute.

Mission of Optipharm Evaluation Center

Based on the values of life, we provide advanced and accurate diagnosis services for animal diseases with speed.
We apply the newest technologies in genetic resources of animals to develop, evaluate, and provide solutions for the satisfaction of our customers.
We contribute to the development of the animal industry as the leading animal clinic evaluation expert group in Korea.

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