Biomedical Solutions

Optipharm Co. Ltd, started its operations in the area of chicken stem cell research. The business began in 2006 for animal disease diagnosis and is currently maintaining over 60% of the market sales as the leading company in the field. Based on excellent diagnostic capabilities as well as leading research and development, Optipharm has successfully began bacteriophage business, and was able to commercialize it since 2015. The business has grown to more than 3 billion KRW of sales. Our second research and development pipeline, an insect cell based VLP vaccines, has already completed the technology transfer phase to an animal pharmaceutical company, and we are currently developing a cervix cancer vaccine for humans based in VLP technology. Lastly, Optipharm develops transgenic miniature pigs that refrain from hyperacute and acute immune reactions during xenotransplantation. Since 2007, we have already succeeded developing miniature pigs with blood type O and PERV Type C negative. Mass production of Optipharm’s medipigs are possible through wild breeding even though they are gene edited, and we have a secured designated pathogen-free facility (DPF) for monitoring 70 types of viruses, germs, parasites, and protozoans that have been classified by the International Xenotransplantation Association. We are doing our best in order to grow as a global leading company in support of the biomedical community and to offer the highest quality products and services through continuous research and development.

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